Paramount Automotive

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1400 E Holt Blvd.
Ontario , California 91761

  Phone:  (909) 781-6492
  Fax:  (909) 781-6496

Since 2008 Paramount Automotive has provided automotive enthusiasts with innovative, stylish, high quality products at extremely competitive pricing. As a leading industry manufacturer we have integrated Robotic Welding and CNC equipment into our relentless pursuit of increasing product quality and reliability. Driven by feedback from our customers, sales staff and customer service, our engineers and design team work diligently to develop and perfect product that launches the absolute latest trends and improvements for a wide variety of vehicles and restyling tastes. Whether you drive a Truck, Jeep, or SUV, Paramount Automotive understands the basic desire to display your individual tastes and design a vehicle that matches your particular style, personality, and interests. If you're a hard core dedicated off-roader, or prefer to cruise the local boulevard looking good, Paramount Automotive has an impressive selection of products to display the proper attitude and flair. At Paramount Automotive our goal is to constantly expand, improve, and refine the quality of our products, customer service, and respond to the needs of our customers. Building relationships and loyalty with our customer base is critical to our success where we are focused as never before. With assistance from our highly valued customers we feel confident that Paramount Automotive will continue to develop the kind of high quality, inventive, and affordably priced products that promote sustained market growth well into the future.

Paramount Automotive 16601 Compact Truck C..

Brand: Paramount Automotive

Part Number: 16601

Compact Truck Contractors Rack; Black;Paramount Automotive Work Force line offers a diverse selectio..


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Paramount Automotive 18601 Contractors Rac..

Brand: Paramount Automotive

Part Number: 18601

Contractors Rack; Black;Paramount Automotive Work Force line offers a diverse selection of Cargo and..


We install this brand
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